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Multifunctional Fusecock

Intermediate valve for gas with vibration (earthquake) detection, ambient temperature detection, and gas leakage detection. It serves to prevent explosions and fires by blocking gas in the event of earthquakes, fires, or gas leakage disasters.


Light emitting floor light

A traffic light installed on the waiting line of the crosswalk to provide additional signal information to pedestrians to prevent pedestrian convenience and traffic accidents. Floor-type pedestrian signal lights with excellent waterproof, dustproof, shock resistant, water resistance, luminance uniformity, heat dissipation, yellow-variance prevention, etc.


Low Power Automatic Cardio respirator

Automatic Cardio respirator with voice and LED information on electrode pad status (attached, connected, normal, life) and ability to send IoT module text messages and record surrounding environment (15 minutes each, 60 minutes) to managers.


Pine wilt disease pest control net

A net that prevents the spread of pine caterpillars by cutting down pine trees and stacking them on a net to prevent the spread of pine caterpillars by blocking and destroying pine vermin and northern vermin, which are mediators of pine caterpillars, during the fable period.


Contactless infrared thermometer

An infrared thermometer that prevents the spread of infectious diseases early on with contactless body temperature measurements without the risk of secondary infection or transmission from body temperature measureers, subjects, and measuring devices.


Evacuation elevator

Non-powered evacuation organizations where all classes can evacuate one floor at a time from high-rise buildings to the vulnerable class of children, the elderly, the disabled, etc.

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Underground Buried Pipe Display

A pipeline display device that can store information with a smartphone by embedding NFC tags in a recognition sign by road law and prevent safety accidents when users excavate pipes buried underground when tagging smartphones.


attachable fire extinguishing equipment

Fire extinguishing equipment that can minimize damage to electronic devices after fire extinguishing by detecting fire heat and automatically spraying fire extinguishing agents in an enclosed small space such as a water distribution board.


Positive pressure retainer

Positive pressure maintenance system that supports breathing of patients by applying electrical oxygen mixing technology to supply air and oxygen that is as stable as the set number.

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Roller chain hydrologer

Roller chain-driven hydrologic opening and closing devices that can be installed in river embankments, embankments, rainwater pump stations, pumping stations, and agricultural waterways to quickly control flow rates in an emergency, such as flooding.

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Attenuation device

An attenuation system that can minimize damage to existing buildings in the event of collapse or other disasters by installing them in bracing, wall, and lumbar beam forms in existing structures.


Disposable mask for hazardous gas protection

A disposable mask that is easily worn on the respiratory tract (nose and mouth) in the early stages of fire to avoid suffocation and poisoning of harmful gases and to secure golden time to quickly evacuate to a safe place.