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M-linestudio Inc.

Smart XR safety training solution

Smart XR safety training solution systems utilize risk prediction indices based on accident data.
It is an intelligent education system that selects risk sites and encourages risk improvement through field-specific training. Companies that utilize smart XR training systems actually prevent accidents.
This allows you to prevent the occurrence of unexpected costs at source.


Smart Eye For Blind Spot

In environments that the driver cannot see, such as sharp corners or hills, blind spots are displayed on the display panel as an image to create an environment where the driver can drive more defensively, thereby preventing possible traffic accidents in advance. It can also use radar to induce vehicle deceleration like a driver's smart alert, and collect traffic information. Recently, by using A.I technology, pedestrians, vehicles, and other means of transportation are identified and displayed to improve instantaneous visibility.

STANS, inc.

AWAS-DT(AI Worker Assistance Solution-Digital Twin)

Feature :
● It is total management system for facility and structure safety based on Digital-Twin technology.
● It enables prevent accident, inspect structure and manage facility by providing specialized funtions interworking field and control.
Technical advantage :
● It makes a manager to see/understand the data and remote site and to be able respond to the accident by building the same digital twin model.
Technical practicality :
● It makes efficient safety management on the environment which regular inspection and inspection history management are difficult, due to large work sites and complement difficult work environments such as outside, night, etc.
Technical distinction :
● It provides high convenience by integrating and operating previously separately managed information.

Seoul Robotics Co., Ltd


SENSR interprets 3D sensors in real time through AI based algorithm to help robots understand their surroundings through 3D data.
SENSR extracts cognitive information from raw data output by 3D sensors through artificial intelligence + rule-based hybrid methods. Features of SENSR solution include object detection, classification, tracking, and path estimation. Seoul Robotics provides solution products that can be applied quickly and easily to places to various industries including safety/security, smart city, smart factory, and self-driving.


AI based Self Driving Device for Disaster Vulnerable Personal Evacuation

This product developed for patients with in nursing hospitals. In case of fire, It aims to minimize the number of personnel required to evacutate and reduce damage. It composed of a horizontal evacuation device and vertical evacuation device.
1. Horizontal Evacuation Device
- Self- driving algorithms are installed in hospital beds to plan and move destinations through spatial mapping.
- In the event of a fire, it is planned so that the patient can finally reach a safe evacuation floor such as the first floor by loading it on an emergency elevator or vertical evacuation while lying in bed.
2. Vertical Evacuation Device
- It is installed on the outer wall of the building using a rack- and- pinion structure so that it can be loaded with a horizontal evacuation aid to reach the evacuation floo

Cleanbio Co., Ltd.

“Air-Fit” Air-purifying sterilizer

The Air-Fit air-purifying sterilizer is equipped with a photocatalyst and UV-C sterilizing module that is effective for air purification and sterilization.
Through the development of visible light and UV-responsive photocatalysts, product cost was reduced by increasing utilization and the sterilization effect has been enhanced with photocatalyst nanoparticles using the local plasmon effect. In addition, the reaction time between harmful substances and photocatalysts is increased by using a patented zigzag flow path, and the photocatalytic function was maximized by the sterilizing module applied with a light diffusion plate.
The inside of the Air-Fit sterilizing module, UV LEDs are applied instead of regular UV lamps to reduce maintenance costs and increase the lifespan of parts.

In the current situation, where regulations on multi-use facilities are strengthened at the government level due to the influence of Corona 19, viruses and germs cannot be removed with simple air purification functions of air purifiers consisting of filters. However, Air-Fit sterilization and purification systems using photocatalyst and UV LEDs meets the market's need to eliminate harmful factors and provides a safe environment from virus, germs and harmful gases to relieve anxiety of customers using the facility.

Air-Fit is a model of various sizes for each area of ​​use. It has a modern design that fits anywhere, so consumer can choose a model that fits the space they want(passes the first screening of the Good Design Awards), and the sterilizing module with semi-permanent photocatalyst filters and long-life UV LEDs can greatly reduce maintenance costs which results in the high consumer satisfaction.
In addition, Air-Fit localized major parts and increased energy efficiency by replacing UV-sterilizing lamps, which were mostly made in Japan (Sankyo) and Philips with domestic UV-LEDs.

Air-Fit is a device for multi-use facilities, and it can solve indoor air quality contamination problems in multi-use facilities and collective infections caused by floating viruses. In particular, Air-Fit's photocatalytic sterilization method was developed to maximize sterilization efficiency by applying patented technology of Korea Photonics Technology Institute to its own technology that has been researched and developed for a long time.

Air-Fit air–purifying sterilizer contributes to air purification by reducing fine dust as well as removing various virus germs and harmful substances, replacing foreign sterilizing lamps with domestic LEDs and UV-LEDs, and is also related to the fine dust response of Korean New Deal's green industry innovation ecosystem.

ROHAU Co., Ltd

Industrial safety robot mounted on an excavator to work unmanned in a hazardous environment

The 'Ghost', an unmanned excavator robot system developed by ROHAU, was developed to prevent industrial accidents such as overturning and fall of the excavator, which accounts for more than 30% of all heavy construction equipment.

In addition, it is a product that can guarantee the safety of the driver through remote control of heavy equipment in the work environment such as construction sites, power plants, steel mills, etc.
1. No excavator modification
2. Easy to detach and operate, compact and lightweight
3. Boarding control is also possible
4. By responding to the driver's operation in real time (response time 100ms), quick and accurate work is possible.

This robotic system has the following characteristics for unmanned excavator control.
1. Wireless remote control,
2. A lever operating device that controls the excavator lever according to the driver's driving command,
3. Pedal operation device that controls the excavator pedal according to the driver's driving command.


Automated Screening Clinic Centre(ASCC-T7)

There is can be conducted in a non-face-to-face management based on in a pressure chamber an expandable modular structure with excellent pressure resistance (energy efficiency). It is safely separated into the medical staff space and the patient space of panel for reception & interview and large amount of PCR testing.
In this process, it is possible to fundamentally block hepatitis in contact with medical staff and virus infection between applicants by installed inside the advanced sensor and automation system link to smart programme, automatic & manual operation system regardless external conditions climate, season and space limitation. There can be carried out safely and fast testing by concerned medical staffs.
It is the latest model in 2021, can be test capable of 440 samples per day through a total of 3 specimens, such as front automated 1 specimen 1 specimen, rear developed semi-automated 2 specimen.

SD Marine Co., ltd.

Electric self-propelled oil skimmer KOSED-15

KOSED-15 is the world's first electric powered oil skimmer with a capacity of 15 kl/h, which minimizes the components to improve in transportation, operation, maintenance, convenience, and safety.
· Eco-friendly electric oil skimmer causes zero noise, zero-emissions, zero-carbon
· Small and light-weight skimmer allows workers easy to transport and operate
· Patented and certified by NET by Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries 'Natural type centrifugal pump' enables continuos and efficient oil recovery
· Skimmer increases the safety and convenience of workers by reducing weight of 1/5 compared to the similar performance skimmers
· Portable battery allows operation in small environment


saligo evacuation lift

Anyone, including the disabled, the elderly, pregnant women, children, and companion animals can use Saligo elevator in case of fire.
It is a legally approved fire evacuation facility that can be easily, quickly and safely operated to move to a lower floor.
With stable operation without shaking and noise, it is possible to evacuate people and animals without anxiety when used on high floors. It is easy to use. By using the pedal only, they can immediately evacuate to a safe place.
In addition, Saligo elevator is the only elevator being recognized as an evacuation elevator of apartments for the first time in Korea (No. 8 of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)
Saligo elevator has achieved national safety certifications from 6 institutions, including KFI performance certification by Korea Fire Equipment Inspection Corporation, new technology certification NET by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, disaster safety product certification by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, high-tech company designation by the Ministry of Science and ICT, and innovative product designation by the Public Procurement Service.


Compact Oil skimmer 'SHECO ARK' Series - wireless/remote control

Strength of ‘Sheco Ark’
1. Nonprofessional can easily operate and work through 'simple RC wireless/remote control'.
2. Self-developed ‘LARS(in/out system of robot at the ocean)’ helps the quick, convenience, safe work process.
3. It is 'absorbing oil and discharging seawater' simultaneously through the built-in 'secondary filter/baffle wall system' inside of product, and it is able to skip an additional water-oil separation process of absorbed oil.
4. Due to its all-in-one configuration of 'collection/separation/discharge/driving/control', 1 to 2 workers are able to operate (does not require trained specialists) the Sheco Ark without secondary assembles.



Ultra-thin & light (17mmX70Φ/28g) 3 in1 multifunction-portable personal salvage innovative Kit. “FLEX”
“FLEX” to keep you safe at the site of a disaster & accident.
(Easy-to-carry emergency exit hammer, safety-cutter, GPS information/disaster site situation transmission Tag-IC)
▶Super-ultra hard mat.(WC-Co alloy) and innovative structure that can destroy/escape all type of tempered glass
▶ Patent portfolio (patent, design)/vehicle (electric vehicle, general vehicle)/regular safety kit (for emergency exit)
▶ Help rescue efforts through disaster site information transmission service (maximize golden time)
▶GPS-based emergency signaling and disaster zone information sharing capabilities


Battery-Free Smart ICT Lock System

1. Overview
World’s first battery-free facility/safety management lock system that enables real-time remote control that has received the Prime Minister's Award as well as the innovative product, NET, and industry convergence leading company certification. The system itself is all developed and owned by PLATFORMBASE

2. Technological excellence
·The first and only ICT Lock system that has been awarded with Excellent R&D innovative product (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy) / New technology certification (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy) / Industry Convergence Leading Company (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology) certification
·There is no battery, so there is little risk of explosion, and it can be applied to various industrial facilities due to its compact size.
·By applying a communication module, it is possible to monitor and control the access of workers in real time
·Securing scalability through standardized keys and locks and access to multiple locks with a small number of keys
·Various analysis/response for safety, predictive maintenance, and post-processing in case of an accident through digitization of work history

3. Customer/Market Satisfaction and Benefits/Practicality
·Supplied 100,000 USD annually to an European telecommunication company 4 times in 2016~21 for telecom facility management
·Supplied to important government facilities such as KHNP/KEPCO
·Supplied to Army/Navy
·Targeting the domestic/overseas public procurement market through cooperation with public institutions, such as partnering with KOMIPO for Indonesia Power Plant project

4. Differentiation compared to other products in the same field
·Developed the first battery-free net-zero smart lock in Korea
With no battery wastes generated, it is in line with the “2050 Carbon Neutral Policy” of the Republic of Korea.
·Implementation of the world's first real-time communication (ICT) remote control system with in-house technology (released in 2017)
·Through the system it is possible to prevent safety accidents in advance by controlling work permits and access
·Due to no-battery structure, compact size can be achieved and thus installation field could be broad.

5. Benefits
1) Suitable for Public Sector
- Strengthened competitiveness: Strengthening the competitiveness of technologies and capabilities by increasing the internal security
- Improved reliability: Improved evaluation of physical security during external audit or security inspection
2) Manager’s perspective
- Efficient Management: One key can replace multiple keys.
- Replacement Efficiency: Saving money and time wasted on replacing locks when keys are lost
3) User's perspective
- Security Reinforcement: Easy to manage security because only authorized users can access facilities, security equipment, and dangerous equipment
- Convenient: Multiple keys for system enclosure, storage box, power equipment, and communication equipment etc are consolidated as one digital key

4. Application
- Institutions with a high level of security, such as public institutions, large corporations, industries, financial institutions, and military facilities
- All areas where small locks are used: document storage, desk drawer, mailbox, safe, warehouse, CD/ATM, server rack, etc.

5. Key History
- Excellent R&D innovation product designation certification (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
- Partnership agreement with Samsung SDS headquarters, business agreement with SDS Vietnam corporation
- Selected as a leading industrial convergence company (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology)
- Confirmation of industrial convergence items (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
- Korea Invention Patent Competition “Prime Minister’s Award” (Korean Intellectual Property Office/Invention Promotion Association)
- New technology (NET) certification (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
- IBK investment
- Exports to European telecommunication companies 2017-2021 (About 1 million USD per year)
- KBS TV / KBS World Radio coverage
- Export frontier company certification
- Korea Electric Power, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power