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  • National Disaster Management Research Institute
  • Public Procurement Service
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National Disaster Management Research Institute

Development of cutting-edge disaster safety technologies to secure people's safe lives, The National Institute of Disaster and Safety is with us.

Through disaster safety situation management using the technology of the 4th Industrial Revolution, we are accelerating the realization of a safe Korea by contributing to the identification of scientific causes of disasters and safety accidents through policy and technological improvement.

Public Procurement Service

This is a system in which the public sector becomes the first buyer of innovative products, lowers the threshold of entering the procurement market, and provides services that meet the expectations of the people by presenting innovative measures for social problems.

Pavilion zone

  • 렉스젠
  • 세이프웨어
  • 시큐웍스
  • 이에스지케이
  • 인익스
  • 스마트지오텍
  • 디딜돌
  • 주식회사 랩죤
  • 주식회사 지에프아이
  • 코비플라텍
  • 플랫폼베이스
  • 지앤아이테크
  • 퀀텀게이트
  • 에이티
  • 에프비지코리아
  • 코리아정공 주식회사
  • 휴먼아이씨티

→ More information can be found at the Procurement Service Innovation Marketplace (http://ppi.g2b.go.kr).

[Introduction and promotional video of the Public Procurement Service's innovative procurement system]
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Pavilion zone for Corporate Support

This is the Pavilion zone of corporate support in Seoul to introduce policies of Seoul and related agencies and to support the development and promotion of safety industry companies in Seoul.

Pavilion Zone

  • 서울특별시
  • 서울교통공사
  • 한테크
  • 나우메이드 주식회사
  • 트리플렛
  • 주식회사 엠팩플러스
  • ㈜벡스
  • 윈텍정보(주)

Seoul is committed to establishing a preemptive disaster safety prevention system with "citizen's life and safety" as its top priority and making Seoul a place where everyone can live comfortably and safely by quickly responding to changes in the urban environment.


Pavilion zone for Corporate Support

By creating a safe urban environment, each citizen is happy, Busan.

Pavilion Zone

  • 부산광역시
  • ㈜케이트
  • 나라시스템즈
  • 대동계측
  • 엑스로드
  • 오렌슈츠
  • 선진엘이디
  • ㈜수
  • 아이오티솔루션
  • 아이오티플렉스
  • ㈜코아이

Busan City is a city where each citizen is happy.
o make Busan as a city of happiness, super-wide economy, innovation city of industry-academic cooperation, ai-based smart city, low-carbon green city, and attractive city of culture and tourism, we always do our best.


Promotion of AI convergence disaster safety industry city

Gwangju is a leading city in AI, an innovation in the safety industry and future competitiveness.
As a convergence priority, we will foster the safety industry to create a world-class safety Gwangju where all citizens are safe and happy.
Unsafe cities cannot be competitive!

Pavilion Zone

  • 광주광역시
  • 한국광기술원
  • 한국안전원
  • 엘탑
  • 유오케이
  • 나눔테크
  • 쏠락
  • 은성트래시스
  • 이솔테크
  • 조인트리
  • 은혜림테크
  • 한국안전교육연구원

○ Gwangju, a city where safety becomes a daily routine, constantly contemplating a just and rich future.

○ Gwangju, a leading AI city, is doing its best to create a smart safety city.
- Enactment of the Disaster Safety Industry Promotion and Support Ordinance ('19.7.1) and establishment of a dedicated department ('20.1.1).
- Governance to foster disaster safety industries and operation of consultative bodies.
- New technology contest and conference for disaster safety industry (from 2019 to)
- Training professionals through support for graduate schools specializing in disaster prevention technology in local universities (from 2020 to 2020
- Discovery of disaster safety companies, participation in safety industry fairs, and support for public relations (from 2019 to 2019).
- Discovery and promotion of disaster safety national public offering projects (five cases were carried out in 2021 and 13.1 billion won worth of state funds)


Pavilion zone for Corporate Support

Industry first, safety first!

The leading carbon neutral city based on the safety know-how and our active network.

Pavilion Zone

  • 울산광역시
  • 젬스
  • 인텍
  • 세종시스템
  • 정산
  • 케이엔에이트레이딩
  • 마엇
  • 지아이에프코리아
  • 3D뮤즈
  • 노바테크
  • 성풍ict주식회사

Ulsan, an eco-friendly energy city, is establishing and implementing a comprehensive safety plan, aiming for a city where safety and economy coexist along with the UN disaster prevention safety city certification in 2020.
- Establishing and implementing a master plan for safety management of national industrial complexes
- Revision of on-site action manual for nuclear power plant safety field
- Establishment of "Ulsan, a city safe from earthquakes" through the establishment of earthquake readiness
- Promotion of disaster management and citizen evacuation system advancement
- Enactment of the Nuclear Facility Safety Ordinance of Ulsan and Operation of the - Nuclear Facility Safety Advisory Group
- Organization and promotion of Ulsan Disaster and Safety Industry Council
- 2021 Ulsan Safety Industry Week (October, Ulsan Exhibition and Convention Center)

K water

K Water Safety Management System

K-water puts safety first. Our mission is to provide clean and secure water to the people and take responsibility for the safety of the people against water disasters.

Pavilion Zone

  • ㈜맥텍
  • 레이컴
  • 디지쿼터스

Based on water management know-how accumulated for half a century, K Water is a public corporation specializing in water management that creates a healthy water environment

Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute

ICT-based disaster safety cycle management responsible for intelligence technology.
Disaster Safety Intelligence Convergence Center

· Multimedia Disaster Information Delivery Platform with 5G and UHD
· Digital Twin-Based Underground tunnel Integrated platform for fire and disaster support

  • 다매체 기반의 멀티미디어 재난정보 전달 플랫폼
  • 디지털트윈 기반의 지하공동구 화재·재난 지원 통합플랫폼

The Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) is a national research institute of ICT under the Ministry of Science and ICT that has led the growth of the information and communication industry in Korea for 45 years since it was established in 1976.

MMDIP, which is under development, is a platform to protect people's lives and property from various disasters by providing various multimedia contents based on multimedia in the event of a disaster with the Ministry of Science and ICT.

We are conducting a survey to collect opinions from the public on platform development and improvement, so we would appreciate it if you could take a moment to participate.
Use Survey Link: (https://stresearch.kr/sv/BLNZZF)

- Subject to the survey: general public, related public officials, related company officials, etc.
- Investigation period: From September 14 (Tuesday) to September 30, 2021 (Thursday)
- Time required: Approximately 5 minutes
- Investigation organization: Consortium of Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
- Investigation request agency: ST-RESEARCH

# For those who participate in the survey, we will provide a small number of cases (a Starbucks Americano Tall Gifticon) and will be sent in batches in October after completion of the survey.


R&D projects tailored to national demand

Based on the ideas proposed by the public, the R&D project customized for the national demand will discover innovative elements in life.
Planning as an R&D project Services felt by the public and This is a research and development project of the Ministry of Interior and Safety that aims to implement a safe society.

Pavilion Zone

  • 한국지역정보개발원
  • 한국전자통신연구원_도시교통ICT
  • 한국전자통신연구원_산업안전
  • 주식회사 어스
  • FITI시험연구원
  • 한방유비스

As the general management agency for disaster safety R&D projects of the Ministry of Interior and Safety,
Through systematic and professional management of R&D projects tailored to national demand,
The goal is to create R&D performance that people can feel.
We are performing R&D task planning, evaluation, and management functions.