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KD E&S Co ,. Ltd.

Light emitting floor light

- Brightness-reducing cotton light emitting floor light with improved durability

Korea Expressway Corporation

Real-time police and fire accident information sharing service · 119 emergency dispatch notification service

- An automatic pop-up system that delivers accident information alerted to police and fire on the highway to the disaster situation room, transportation center, and local headquarters in the Korea Expressway Corporation in real time.
- State-of-the-art systems that respond to incidents with rapid collaboration

KT Corporation

IoT Smart Safety Helmet System(S-Marker)

-Apply small IoT communication module to safety helmet that workers are wearing before
-A system that can prevent serious accidents at industrial sites and immediately cope with emergencies, such as notification of abnormal wear of safety helmets and location information in the event of an accident such as falling.


Integral folding safety railing / Evacuation system used as outdoor evacuation stairs

Installed on the balcony railing of a high-rise building, it usually acts as a balcony safety railing, and when receiving emergency signals, the safety railing is automatically deformed to the ground level by gravity through simple lever operation.
-A system that allows a large number of people of all ages to escape quickly and safely.


CCTV system for low visibility image improvement of composite filtering system

- H/W, S/W complex filters that can overcome low visibility conditions such as fog, sea fog, yellow dust, fine dust, smoke, etc. and S/W that automatically controls the filter according to the corrective step by automatically recognizing the low visibility conditions.
- CCTV system that can send clear images in real time even under low visibility to continue monitoring the images.


Wearable Safety Airbag system

- Wearable airbag-type human protective clothing that detects the occurrence of accidents with sensors and instantly expands airbags to protect major parts of the human body such as head and neck.
- A system that immediately transmits the location and situation of workers in an accident and can monitor safety, such as whether to wear a safety helmet or not.


Urban Railway Station Safety System Using Artificial Intelligence CCTV

- A system in which AI CCTV monitors stations at all times, providing notification services to station office monitoring systems and station staff mobile devices in case of abnormal behavior, object tracking detection.


Uninterruptible Insulation Resistance Measurement System and Method

- A new technology developed to measure “lgr" that can cause electric shock and electric facility accidents even in actual use without electricity outage
- Technology that can prevent electric shock and electrical fire due to short circuit